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Public Art Commission


To celebrate our 150th anniversary the Market has commissioned three of Melbourne’s best street artists to create some murals around the Market, showcasing their interpretation of our huge milestone.


Greenhouse 2017

Aerosol, acrylic

Bailer has created a garden of vines twining around the poles and sides of the walls, reaching up to a sun drenched sky. The contrasting green of the vines and their direction going upwards leads the eye to the warmth and glow of the ceiling, the hues typical of a bright sunset in South Melbourne.  See the artist at work photos below.


Untitled portrait 2017

Aerosol, acrylic

This portrait is the first of a series at the Market that highlights the generations of people from all backgrounds that have visited and worked here for 150 years. These faces represent the multicultural, 150-year heritage of the Market – where friendships have developed and memories have been created. See the artist at work photos below.


Pollination 2017

Aerosol, acrylic

Knock has used the native Australian wattle as a focal point for this mural, which represents growth and bloom.  The native wattle bird completes the plants cycle of pollination, that emphasises new growth. See the artist at work photos below.

Bailer progress photos:

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Cam Scale progress photos:

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Knock progress photos:

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150th Anniversary Mural Project:

  • Commissioned by South Melbourne Market
  • Sponsored by Haymes PaintRight Southbank


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