Trader Stories

Some of our traders tell their market stories

This year, South Melbourne Market turns 150 years old.

To celebrate, we spoke to some of our traders to find our their Market story.

Theodore Zahos migrated to Australia from the island of Evia in Greece and started Aptus Seafood back in 1969. His son Angelo, fondly known as Ang, grew up in the Market, running around the aisles playing tiggy but also keenly watching and learning the skills of the trade from his dad. Ang is now at the helm and his knowledge, love of the job, and desire to keep evolving is why 48 years on he is still thriving.

This is the Aptus Seafood market story.

Ken Cowan brought the Padre Coffee brand to South Melbourne Market in 2009, creating a vibrant coffee oasis in the heart of the bustling Deli Aisle. It’s a place to relax and refuel and we love it. This is the Padre Coffee story.

In 1990, Moshe Feldman and his family set up their first stall and fell in love with the Market. It’s this love and passion for what they do that means, 27 years on, they are still thriving. This is the Moses & Co Market Wholefoods story.

For three generations, Hadassah Jordan’s family have been stallholders at the Market. Hadassah is proud to represent her family here with her two stalls A Story by Another Name & Frankie’s Story. Frankie’s Story is her real passion, raising the standards of her goods to being ethical and sustainable.  As we launch our Sustainable September festival at the Market, we shine the spotlight on her wonderful market story.

This is Tom Niall from The Organic Meat Specialist (T.O.M.S) who opened his stall at South Melbourne Market ten years ago this August. Tom works with lots of organic suppliers around Victoria and knows the story of his meat from paddock to plate. He says “I think the beauty about organics is that it looks after the animal, it looks after us, and it looks after the environment.”

Happy 10th anniversary T.O.M.S!

With a mother as a dressmaker, Gianna Molinaro has always had fashion in her blood. For 28 years now, Gianna has had a stall at the Market and been exploring her creativity and passion through her beautiful clothing and accessories. This is her market story.

Ralph’s Meat Company have been at the Market for more than 70 years. Lovable characters Denis Ralph and manager Darran share their market story.

Ken Cheng started South Melbourne Market Dim Sims in 1949. From humble beginnings, he built his dim sim empire and a thriving business that is now run by his children. This is the Cheng family’s market story.

Rita Karambetsos from Rita’s Coffee & Nuts has been at the Market for 36 years. This is her story.

Kate Vandermeer from TheSuperCool and TheSuperCool Kid has been at the Market for 5 and a half years. This is her story.


Leno Lattarulo from Simply Spanish has been at the Market for 9 years. This is his story.

Maria Totos from Emerald Deli has been at the Market for 33 years. This is her story.