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“South Melbourne Market is our very own village market, the epicentre of the Port Phillip one of Port Phillip’s major community hubs and a lively place for people to meet, shop, eat and explore.

It’s a major drawcard for both locals and visitors, welcoming a record 5 million people in 2016-17, an increase of 5.9 per cent from last year, on 2015-16.

Special events such as the South Melbourne Night Market and Port Phillip Mussel Festival achieved record attendances too.

With an enviable reputation for the best quality fresh produce at competitive prices, a vibrant fashion and homewares precinct showcasing young Melbourne designers, and an eclectic range of stalls, exploring the Market is such an enjoyable experience.

As the world’s love affair with food continues, showcasing locally sourced, ready-to-eat and artisanal produce such as $1 oysters, freshly baked croissants and bean-to-bar chocolate is drawing major attention from both the domestic and international markets.

At the heart of the Market is the local community and they joined us to celebrate the Market’s 150th anniversary in May 2017, with a range of special events.

An exhibition was held to share people’s stories and memories of the Market; the Big Birthday BBQ Street Party celebrated the official anniversary on 6 May with non-stop music and delicious street food; historical tours were conducted by the Port Phillip Heritage Centre; and murals were created to represent the changing faces of the Market.

With 98 per cent of locals giving it a positive rating in 2017, the Market has again proved to be a significant benefit to the community.

With so many talented staff, innovation has become the new normal here. Staff have been driving some exciting initiatives to minimise and reuse waste, and I know they’ll continue to keep our services relevant, fresh and sustainable for our customers.

To everyone who supports the Market, know that it is now stronger than ever and has a very bright future.

Thanks to you and everyone who shops and meets here to connect with each other, South Melbourne Market’s colourful aisles will continue to buzz with activity and laughter for many years to come.”

– City of Port Phillip Councillor, Bernadene Voss

South Melbourne Market is a local market, a community market, a village market.
The Charter for the Market will ensure we remain a community Market.

Its specific objectives are to:

1. Retain and enhance the distinctive features and characteristics of  the Market.

2. Improve the physical condition and environmental performance of the Market buildings and associated infrastructure.

3. Attract new shoppers to the Market and retain existing customers, ensuring the Market is accessible to the entire Port Phillip community.

4. Enhance the visibility and accessibility of the Market for shoppers and enable them to find the Market readily, get to it easily and move around it comfortably.

5. Leave Market visitors with an enjoyable and memorable shopping and social experience by providing a vibrant atmosphere in a clean and safe retail market environment.

6. Attract and retain a diverse range of appropriate stalls that offer products and services that meet the needs and expectations of shoppers.

7. Operate the Market profitably and in  a professional manner

The Market is aligned to the Council Plan and its six strategic directions for 2017-2027: 

  • We embrace difference and people belong.
  • We are connected and it’s easy to move around.
  • We have smart solutions for a sustainable future.
  • We are growing and keeping our character.
  • We thrive by harnessing creativity.
  • Our commitment to you: A financially sustainable, high performing, well governed organisation that puts the community first.

We also work closely with the local community through:

  • Supporting local charities and minority groups in the area such as Sacred Heart Mission.
  • Providing educational opportunities for children and adults to learn about history, food, sustainability and cooking.
  • Engaging with local businesses and joining hands to retain the vibrancy of the local South Melbourne/ Emerald Hill precinct.