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All Natural, Hand-Made Soap

A sustainable approach to life has led a Melbourne woman to establish her very own soap empire, now open for business at South Melbourne Market.

Emma Cook launched The Australian Natural Soap Company in 2013. The former journalist with SBS Television, who has also worked in communications as a speech writer at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, first started dabbling with soap-making in her home kitchen, but within a couple of years, she was looking to sell the cake and liquid soaps beyond just family and friends.

Emma jumped at the chance to open a pop-up stall in SO:ME Space, a dynamic retail concept in the heart of South Melbourne Market that is an incubator for young businesses. The stall was such a success that she recently secured a permanent stall at South Melbourne Market, which has been inundated with new and repeat customers.

Emma says her best-selling products are the shaving soaps, pet soap, beard soap, exfoliating soaps and no-poo soap for hair, which uses natural substitutes as part of the movement to ditching the shampoo. Those who use it claim their hair becomes thicker, fuller and cleaner.

Other popular soaps include their moisturising avocado soap, macadamia soap, and their fresh daily soap range, including Bondi Breeze and Marvellous Mornington, named after Australian suburbs, towns, cities and regions. The range combines natural plant oils that reflect the personality of the location or area.

“Soap has been getting a bad rap in recent years. Hundreds of products proudly advertise the fact that they’re soap-free, but the truth is that soap has largely been replaced by various detergent formulas, which contain a range of nasty chemicals,” she says.

Emma couldn’t understand why chemicals as well as detergents were being used in place of pure plant oils, which have the same natural properties as our skin, prompting her to start making her own handmade soap by experimenting with all sorts of natural plant oils, including an array of beautifully fragranced essential oils.

“Australia is blessed with some of the world’s best natural oils and we should be proud of the quality of our natural ingredients. I’m chuffed my top-notch products are reducing the amount of detergents and chemicals being used in Aussie bathrooms and laundries”.

“Our soaps quickly became popular among our family and friends, who kept saying to us that they didn’t know soap could feel so good. The movement toward natural soap has been steadily increasing in Australia as people begin realising just how many chemical nasties are lurking in supermarket soap and search for a more natural alternative.”

The Australian Natural Soap Company range of 60-plus products includes soap classics, fresh today soaps, novel soaps, liquid soaps, facial cleansers, a men’s range, a pet’s range, a laundry range and soap-on-a-rope range. All products in the range have no colouring, no artificial fragrances, they are accredited cruelty-free and vegan, and all soaps are also proudly 100% palm oil-free.

“We don’t use chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulphate or other artificial frothing agents. We don’t use palm oil tallow, artificial fragrances or dyes. Each individual item on our website lists the natural oils contained in the soap so the customer knows exactly what they are buying.”

The Australian Natural Soap Company packaging is recycled, and has a natural look and feel. Soap is sold in 100g, 500g and 1kg cakes cut to size – and yes people do buy soap in 1kg cakes! Emma cuts and packages and sends these orders to customers on a regular basis. She offers free shipping for online orders over $100, and a wholesale service.

The Australian Natural Soap Company is located at Stall 88A, Aisle B. For further information phone 1300 727 715 or visit here

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