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Autumn Produce


Autumn Produce

With Chef Joe Grbac, Saxe Restuarant

Autumn is my favourite season; the days get shorter, the sun loses the sting in its tail, and above all, it heralds the start of the wild mushroom season!

Pine mushrooms, slippery jacks, fairy rings and wood blewits are all Australian wild mushrooms available at the South Melbourne Market; and the season is short, so don’t delay!

Mushrooms  Mushrooms

Figs are also plentiful and in full swing. Black mission figs are wonderful served at room temperature, torn with some buffalo mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil and lunch is served.

Jerusalem artichokes or “fartichokes” as they are sometimes called, scrubbed and cut in half, flat side down in a pan roasted at 180 degrees for 20 minutes or until tender.

Celeriac are also coming into season, an ugly contender, but the aromatic scent of one roasting will leave you salivating. At Saxe, we wrap them in a salt crust and bake them for two hours.

A roast chicken dinner would not be complete without the humble parsnip. Choose pearl white ones and roast alongside the chicken until tender.

A sweet finale, the great Aussie passionfruit, the ying to the yang of a pavlova. They need nothing at all, just cut and enjoy. A great lunchbox treat for the kids.


Join Joe Grbac for an Autumn Lunch Masterclass as part of the Neff Market Kitchen Cooking School. Click HERE for details.

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