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Hagen's Organics Double Smoked Ham with Persian Glaze Recipe


Christmas Ham & Turkey Buyers’ Guide

The Market has over 60 brands, sizes and cuts of ham and over 22 types of turkey. Our Buyers Guide  takes the guess work out of your Christmas lunch or dinner shopping.  Check out our storing, carving and serving tips below. 

Take some time to chat to your favourite traders to see what they have on offer.


Hagen’s Organic Butcher

Stall S1 – 9686 4420

  • Traditional boneless ham – $42/kg
  • Traditional ham on the bone (half or full) – $33.90/kg
  • Natural ham on the bone (half or full) – $37.90/kg
  • Natural ham boneless – $45.90/kg


  • Bultarra Saltbush lamb shoulder – $23.99/kg
  • Bultarra Saltbush lamb leg – $25.99/kg


  • McIvor Farm pork rack – $38/kg
  • McIvor Farm pork belly – $29.50/kg
  • McIvor Farm boneless shoulder roast – $34.50/kg
  • McIvor Farm porchetta (*seasoned or unseasoned) *chili, fennel & fresh herb


  • Ribeye Roast $52/kg
  • Porterhouse Roast $54/kg
  • Eye Fillet $87.90/kg 
  • Scotch Fillet Roast $58.90/kg

Christmas Ham


Stall S4 – 9696 3160

  • Peter Bouchier certified free range Australian pork ham – 35/kg
  • Peter Bouchier certified free range Australian pork double smoked – $35/kg
  • Peter Bouchier certified free range Australian pork skinless ham nugget – $35/kg
  • Peter Bouchier premium turkey gravy – $14.90

Theo’s Deli

Stall 16 – 9690 9470

Theo’s are exclusive stockists of Andrew’s Choice ham, award winning ham since 2012.  Australian PorkMark Ham Awards take place every year, with the entries assessed on appearance, aroma, form and of course, the all important taste test. Andrew’s hams have been consistent winners of the prestigious Australian PorkMark Ham Award since 2012 in all categories.

The’s Deli also sell San Marino, Bertocchi & Barkly’s Ham.

  • Andrew’s Choice boneless ham – $35.99/kg
  • Andrew’s Choice ham on the bone – $22.99/kg (half or full legs)
  • Andrew’s Choice semi-boneless EZY cut ham- $25.99/kg
  • San Marino traditional ham on the bone – $19.99/kg (half or full legs)
  • San Marino traditional ham semi-boneless – $24.99/kg
  • Bertocchi boneless ham – $14.99/kg
  • Bertocchi semi-boneless smoked ham – $24.99/kg
  • Bertocchi ham on the bone – $19.99/kg (half & full leg)
  • Barkly’s Grandmother Ham – $35.99/kg

Vangeli’s Deli

Stall 7 – 9699 1284

  • Barkly’s Grandmother Ham – $29.99/kg
  • Virginian Ham – $19.99/kg
  • Gypsy Ham – $22.99/kg
  • Fabris ham off the bone – $18.99/kg
  • Princi free range ham – $26.99/kg
  • Bertocchi ham off the bone – $19.99/kg
  • Ham on the bone or ham with hock – $16.99/kg
  • Mango honey glazed leg ham (gluten free) – $26.99/kg
  • Princi champagne leg ham – $19.99/kg

Vincent’s Meats

Stall 30 – 0423 843 866

Home to an amazing array of certified organic and free-range meats including Milawa Chicken, Borrowdale Free Range Pork and Black Angus Free Range Beef. Vincent’s Meats also has tasty lamb burgers, home made sausage rolls and Gamze nitrate free smallgoods for delicious family dinners.

  • Gamze smokehouse nitrate free, free range leg ham on the bone – $39/kg
  • Gamze smokehouse nitrate free, free range boneless ham – $35/kg
  • Free range pork leg bone in roast – $19.99/kg
  • Free range pork boneless leg roast rolled – $24.99/kg
  • Free range pork boneless loin roast rolled – $29.99/kg
  • Free range pork scotch fillet – $24.99/kg

Vincent's Meats


Serving sizes:

  • 7-8kg serves up to 16 people
  • 8-9kg serves up to 18 people
  • 9-10kg serves up to 20 people
  • 10kg+ serves over 20 people

Storage tips (courtesy of San Marino Smallgoods):

  • Store in fridge at 4c or below.
  • Leave ham in plastic wrap until ready to use.
  • Discard plastic wrap prior to use.
  • After carving, store remainder of ham in damp ‘ham bag’ which has been lightly moistened in 75/25 water / white vinegar solution.
  • Refresh ‘ham bag’ with solution every 2-3 days to maximise shelf life.
  • Please ensure ham is refrigerated as soon as possible after carving.

Carving tips (courtesy of San Marino Smallgoods):

  • Place ham skin side up. Then run a small, sharp knife under the rind around the bottom (opposite end to hock) and each side of the ham to about halfway up towards the hock,peel the rind back.
  • Run the tip of the knife around the bone, on the underside of the ham. Begin to slice on a slight angle down to the bone.
  • Run your knife lengthways along the bone to remove slices. Continue to slice toward the hock.
  • Continue slicing down to the bone, working your way around the ham. When you’ve reached about a third to the way up, you can remove the bone by making a few short cuts at the joint.


Hagen’s Organic Butcher

Stall S1 – 9686 4420

  • Whole Bendele turkey (stuffed / unstuffed) – $27.20/kg
  • Boneless turkey roast (stuffed / unstuffed) – $44.90/kg
  • Whole Chicken – $18.75/kg
  • Milking Yard Farm whole chicken $29.50/kg
  • Great Ocean Duck – $25.90/kg
  • UGoose Goose $54.40/kg

Emerald Hill Poultry

Stall 32 – 0432 265 497

  • Whole Turkey $16.95/kg
  • Turkey Buffet $17.50/kg
  • Turkey Fillet $28.90/kg
  • Turkey Roll $28.90/kg

Choose from different stuffing flavours:

Traditional  – turkey mince, glazed fruit, sherry, chestnut puree and dried fruit (Gluten free)
Cranberry & Chestnut (Gluten free)
Apple, Sage & Rosemary – tasty pieces of apple, spiced with sage and rosemary (Gluten free)
Greek Style – baby spinach, dill and feta

K&L Poultry

Chicken and Turkey available in various sizes – in stock now

SMM Poultry

Chicken and Turkey available in various sizes – in stock now


Christmas Turkey

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