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Converting Waste into Fertiliser

South Melbourne Market is excited to announce the imminent arrival of a Gaia recycling unit which will convert all offal, food and preparation waste, expired food products, ground coffee and plate scraps into certified fertilizer.

The Gaia Recycling Unit is a 1200kg capacity machine and is gas operated. It will convert approximately 360 tonnes of product annually. The process from raw product into the Fertilizer takes approximately 10 hours and will produce approximately 28 tonne of biomass.

Gaia recycling unit

How the Gaia works:

  • Dehydrates and sterilizes food waste with 85 – 90% volume reduction.
  • Eliminates creation of Green House Gases (GHG) and Leachates (pollutants from waste products that go into the soil)
  • Produces usable by- products:
    • Clean grey water
    • Sterile biomass usable as soil enhancer / fuel (pictured below)
  • Avoids emissions from transporting waste

gaia fertiliser

The water derived through the process can be captured and used in grey water applications such as cleaning, toilet flushing and irrigation.  Every 2 tonnes of waste diverted from landfill has the same GHG reduction effect as taking a car off the road for a year (360 tonnes = 180 cars off the road).


We’re so excited to be helping the City of Port Phillip work towards their Towards Zero goal.

For more information contact South Melbourne Market
(03) 9209 6295



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