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Dough For Days

If you’ve ever wanted to bake your own bread but not had enough time, now is a great opportunity to try it. Baking and cooking in general is a fantastic activity for days at home – not only do you get to learn new skills as you try new recipes, you also have the satisfaction of eating something you have made yourself. And nothing beats the delicious smells wafting from the oven as bread or pastry bakes! Just make sure to read all the way to the end when using these recipes for the first time, as some of them call for dough to be rested for a few hours or even overnight before baking.

bread with pumpkin soup

Bread has a reputation for being difficult to make, but when no kneading is required, things get a whole lot easier. This simple bread recipe is recommended for beginner bakers (but is also a boon for more experienced cooks when short on time).

While you’ve got the oven fired up, why not try your hand at other baked goods?
Chocolate brioche bread, or babka, makes a delicious treat for morning or afternoon tea by itself or served with butter, cream or stewed fruit. Rough puff pastry can be used for both sweet and savoury dishes – make a bit more than needed as it stores in the fridge and is good to have on hand for when the urge to bake strikes. And if you’re really up for a challenge, have a go at replicating the matcha croissants that are among the many pastries that draw crowds to Agathe Patisserie.

Agathe Matcha

Fresh homemade pasta is another challenge to try when you have time to spend at home, and if you make extra, you can refrigerate it or freeze it for easy meals during busier times. Try this recipe to make pappardelle, or give gnocchi a go. The ragus that go with these recipes are highly recommended, but you can also enjoy them with a simple dash of olive oil and some Parmesan cheese or other favourite pasta accompaniments.

bar carolina papadelle only neff market kitchen

Regardless of the type of flour these recipes call for, you can find it at the Market, thanks to the following traders:
Moses & Co Market Wholefoods
South Melbourne Market Organics
Steve’s Deli
Theo’s Deli
Vangeli’s Deli


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