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    Australian Garlic Celebration

    Learn more about this pungent bulb

    Join us for a weekend celebrating Australian Garlic

    The Market is celebrating Australian garlic this weekend, and it’s a good time to reflect on the long road the farmers have taken since cheap, bleached, imported garlic hit the shelves in the mid 1990’s.

    Today, the Australian garlic industry has bounced back thanks to increased consumer demand for local Australian produce, and increased awareness of Country of Origin, plus a love of fresh food, an increase in home cooking and a desire to reduce our food miles.

    Today, Australians are spoilt for choice with local garlic available in red, white and purple; spicy and hot, mild and nutty, pungent and aromatic. Garlic is not just garlic anymore, it comes in different flavours and sizes, has different harvesting and storage times, and can be used for a variety of different dishes.

    The celebration at the Market is the result of a collaboration between Georgina Dragwidge of Georgie’s Harvest and the Australian Garlic Industry Association, who this year have taken over February as Australian Garlic Awareness Month with festivals around Victoria each weekend.

    • Meet the local growers
    • Taste and discover award winning garlic varieties
    • Talk to garlic expert Penny Woodward
    • Learn how its grown, cured and harvested
    • Taste delicious garlic dishes at our restaurants


    Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 February
    10am – 3pm


    • Georgie’s Harvest (Stall 50)
    • Claypots, Paco y Lola, Koy & Simply Spanish (Cecil Street)
    • Proper & Son (Food Hall)

    The Growers:

    The growers that will be showcasing their garlic during this celebration include:

    Freshwater Creek Garlic (John Oliff)
    Italian Late (Artichoke)

    Wildes Lane (Anna King)
    Oriental Purple (Turban)
    Dynamite Purple (Creole)

    Southern Cross Garlic (Tony Murphy)
    Rose du Var (Silverskin)

    High Country Farm (Edwina and Josh)
    High Country Purple (originally Australian Purple, Turban)

    Kevin Grivell
    Spanish Roja (Creole)

    Proudly presented by:

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    Sat 11 February 2017
    9:00 am to 3:00 pm
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