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    Smart weekly menu planning

    Save time, money and stop wasting food

    Often the hardest thing about making dinner isn’t actually the slicing, dicing and cooking, but figuring out what to have for dinner and finding the time and energy to go shopping for all of the ingredients. Without menu planning, it can seem far easier to just pop a bag of chicken nuggets into the oven (at least you know the kids will eat it!) or order take away – again. In this workshop Scott Merrick will show you how you can use industry techniques to plan your weekly menus, save time in the kitchen and money on your weekly grocery bill. Scott’s workshop tips are designed to be adapted to fit in with your lifestyle and the kinds of meals that you and your family enjoy, rather than a prescriptive idea of what you should be eating. Learn:

    • How to plan your weekly menu in 30 minutes or less (so you’re not constantly worrying about what to cook for dinner every night).
    • How to write a standard shopping list for your weekly menu plan (and how this will cut your grocery shopping time in half).
    • How to reduce the amount of food you throw away each week (which saves money and the environment).
    • And how these 3 things combined can save you between $50 to $100 off your weekly food bill (which is between $2,500 and $5,000 a year!)

    Scott will also whip up tortellini en brodo, a quick and easy pasta dish, for you to enjoy at the workshop.


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    Sun 28 April 2019
    11:00 am to 12:30 pm
    $75pp 10 places left


    Smart menu planning (28 Apr 2019)

    About the Chef

    Scott Merrick

    Chef, Foodsmart Solutions

    Scott qualified as a chef in England and travelled to Australia in 1994. His career took off in Melbourne at the Grand Hyatt, Crown Casino and The Westin. During this time he gained qualifications including certificates in Commercial and Asian Cookery, Patisserie and a Diploma in Hospitality Management. He also holds a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and for the past 12 years has also worked as a qualified Culinary Trainer in Australia and South-East Asia. During his 25 year career in hospitality and education Scott has worked with notable chefs including Gary Rhodes, Rick Stein, Antonio Carluccio and our local legend Stephanie Alexander. He has recently created a popular Cookery Master Program. This is a comprehensive online program designed to teach people with little or no experience how to cook no fuss, simple dishes every day. His digital cook book, ‘Quick Easy Recipes-Discover Why Cooking is Easier Than You Think’ is planned for release later this year.

    The Neff Market Kitchen
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