Fundraising & Street Stalls

Fundraising opportunities at South Melbourne Market

Street Stalls, Raffles & Collections Guidelines

The following fundraising activities at South Melbourne Market require approval by Market Management:

  • Street Stalls
  • Raffles
  • Collections

When is approval required?

  • Approval is required in order to fundraise or have any form of street stall in Council managed public space. South Melbourne Market is a Council owned and managed business.
  • Property occupier’s consent is required if a stall, raffle or collection is to be set up in front of a business or residence.
  • A permit is not required if the fundraising is occurring on private property, in this case the permission of the property owner would be required. All fundraising must comply with legislation and local laws.

Application Process

The applicant is required to:

  • Email their application to South Melbourne Market management (see below)
  • Provide a copy of current Public Liability Insurance
  • Proof of non-for profit or letter from non-for profit partner.

Approved Locations

The following are the approved locations for street stalls, raffles and collections. Other areas may be approved at the Market’s discretion:

  • Footpath – Cecil Street or Coventry Street
  • Inside the Market – Food Hall aisle


  • Fundraising and Street Stalls will only be permitted for the following groups:
    • Registered charity or not for profit organisations
    • City of Port Phillip education providers
    • City of Port Phillip community groups
  • Fundraising and Street Stalls will only be permitted on 4 Market days, or once every 3 months for each organisation.
  • A maximum of one fundraising / Street Stall activity will be permitted on a Market day.
  • The following activities are not permitted:
    • Activities that do not meet goals or objectives of the Council Plan or Events Strategy
    • Fundraising or collections which request bank details as part of an ongoing donation
    • Food fundraisers where you plan to serve or sell food, due to there already being a large number of existing food outlets at the Market.

Are there any other permits required?

  • Raffles – Your organisation must be registered with &/or have gained approval from the Victorian Casino & Gaming Authority (ph. 9651 3333) to conduct raffles if the total retail value of prizes exceeds $5,000.


The following conditions are relevant to all fundraising applications:

  • A copy of the approval to fundraise must be retained at the fundraising site and produced for inspection upon request by Victoria Police or authorised Market Officer.
  • All litter and rubbish emanating from or generated by the activity shall be cleared regularly and the site shall be vacated in a clean and tidy condition.
  • No member of staff or volunteer shall directly stop pedestrians in their path, or harass members of the public.
  • A 1.5m passage must be made available for pedestrians at all times.
  • Every member of staff and/or volunteer directly participating in the activity shall wear clothing apparel or a name tag which identifies the organisation conducting the fundraising.
  • No sign shall be placed on a building without the prior consent of the occupier.
  • Furniture is restricted to one table no larger than 1200mm in length and 900mm in width and two (2) chairs.

Corporate Promotions:

The Market is home to over 140 small businesses, so any corporate branding / promotional requests that do not support any of our businesses within the Market will not be permitted to promote at the Market.

How to apply:

Please email Sophie McCarthy (Business & Events Coordinator) with the following information or phone 9209 6498.

  • Application Form
  • Proof of not for profit or letter from not for profit partner
  • A copy of current Public Liability Insurance.

Thank you for your application, and we will let you know the outcome within 10 working days.

Requests for Raffle Prizes:

The Market is often asked to donate prizes for local raffles and auctions to raise money for education providers and other not-for-profit providers.

We will only review your requests if your education or not-for-profit organisation is located in the City of Port Phillip, and the prizes are for a legitimate fundraising event.

The Market has limited funds for such prizes, and they will be granted on a first in first served basis once your request is approved.  Once the budget is fully allocated there will be no more prizes granted.

The Market also has the right to refuse to grant prizes

The budget will run on a calendar year, so the earlier in the year you send in your request, the better.

Type of prizes may include:

  • Market Tours
  • Merchandise

To apply:

Please email the Market through our Contact Us page and refer to Marketing & Advertising in the enquiry section.

The Market reserves the right to refuse to donate prizes if the fundraising activity is deemed to not fall within the Market’s vision and values