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Getting To Know

For three generations, Hadassah Jordan’s family have been stallholders at the Market.

Hadassah is proud to represent her family here with her stall Frankie’s Story.

Sustainable products are her real passion, raising the standards of her goods to being ethical and sustainable. As we launch our Sustainable September festival at the Market, we shine the spotlight on her wonderful Market story.

Hadassah’s family came to Australia from the holocaust and her Grandfather Abraham opened as a leather tailor at the Market in 1964. Selling leather jackets, the stall became known for selling quality products with a difference and soon evolved, selling a range of clothing with a strong focus on denim. At one point in time, Hadassah’s family had three stalls at the Market, so it would come as no surprise that she followed in their footsteps, opening a number of retail businesses throughout her time here.

In 2012, while holidaying in New York, her daughter picked out two toys in a toy store. When purchasing the toys, Hadassah discovered Mini Rodini. Hadassah was excited by the brand and its focus on sustainability, sparking her to concentrate on stocking brands that are kinder to the environment.

Frankie’s Story believes that everyone has the right to look great and feel great. Hadassah believes in caring after our lovely little planet whilst looking fabulous, stocking a range of clothing and accessories for kids, men and women. Hadassah and her family have built strong relationships with her regular customers and new customers and we we’re told she gives the best hugs!

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