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Happy Place by Lola Berry

The Market is excited to announce the new arrival of Happy Place, a health and wellness cafe located on Cecil Street.

Happy Place is the product of celebrated nutritionist Lola Berry and coffee mastermind and entrepreneur Salvatore Malatesta (St Ali) and aims to promote more than just healthy meals. Happy Place is all about inspiring wellness and being a place where you can pick up healthy on-the-go meals, snacks, smoothies and juices, however, it’s also about “empowering you to find the happy place within yourself” says Lola Berry.

The menu is balanced between sweet and savoury goodies including breakfast smoothies, a fresh desk-side salad and protein rich post workout treats. With the ultimate goal to deliver a sense of health and happiness to each and every customer, the aptly named Happy Place is now open and serving daily doses of happiness.
Happy Place Lola Berry

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