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South Melbourne Market Market Magic Vermicompost Insta Tile

Nursery & Flowers

Helping Your Garden Grow

Market Magic is an organic compost that has been produced by earth worms fed on South Melbourne Market green waste.

All our fruit and vegetable waste is collected twice a week and taken to a farm on the outskirts of Melbourne and fed to millions of worms, which turns our green waste into worm castings or vermicompost.

This nutrient-rich vermicompost contains minerals and a highly active biological mixture of bacteria and enzymes that are beneficial to plant growth.

South Melbourne Market - Market Magic vermicompost

It’s magic for your plants and really good for the environment too. It saves sending our green waste to landfill, which results in less greenhouse gases and less pollution.

Now available to purchase for $15 (4L bucket) from the Market Office or from our Nursery & Florist traders.

Fifty cents from the purchase of every Market Magic 4L bucket will be donated to a local environmental charity.

South Melbourne Market - Market Magic vermicompost

Created with the help of Wiggly Recyclers.

Directions for use:
To condition soil, spread over to a thickness of around 2cm, then dig in well. To use as a water-saving mulch, spread over to a thickness of 5-7cm and leave on soil surface, being careful to leave at least 2cm clearance around plant stems to avoid collar rot. Best applied in damp conditions.


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