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Helping Your Garden Grow

Organic waste in landfill rots anaerobically producing methane gas and leachate. Methane is a greenhouse gas (GHG) that traps 25 times more atmospheric heat than CO₂, while the liquid run-off from landfill bases, known as leachate, contaminates soils and waterways.

Every 2 tonnes of waste diverted from landfill has the same GHG reduction effect as taking a car off the road for a year! That’s why we have taken a significant step to stop organic waste entering landfill through two processes:

  1. Large-scale vermicomposting of our green waste, resulting in a specially formulated, organic garden fertiliser called Market Magic.
  2. Turning our food waste into garden fertiliser known as SoilFood™, through a fermentation and dehydration process.

Market Magic

Market Magic is an organic compost that has been produced by earth worms fed on South Melbourne Market green waste. All our fruit and vegetable waste is collected twice a week and taken to a farm on the outskirts of Melbourne and fed to millions of worms, which turns our green waste into worm castings or vermicompost. This nutrient-rich vermicompost contains minerals and a highly active biological mixture of bacteria and enzymes that are beneficial to plant growth. It’ll supercharge your garden.

  • Now available to purchase for $15 (4L bucket) from the Market Office or from our Nursery & Florist traders.
  • Swap & Go system – swap your empty bucket of Market Magic for a full one at the Market Office and get $2 off.
  • 50 cents from the purchase of every Market Magic 4L bucket will be donated to a local environmental charity.

Market Magic

South Melbourne Market - Market Magic vermicompost

South Melbourne Market SoilFood™

This fertiliser is made from dehydrated South Melbourne Market food waste.

Every day our food waste is collected and funneled into our onsite Gaia machine. This whizz-bang machine heats it, shreds it and activates a very fast fermentation and dehydration process, turning it into a dry product called SoilFood™ in just ten hours. SoilFood™ is rich in concentrated nutrients and makes an excellent high-nitrogen, slow release plant fertiliser. Fertiliser adds to the soil’s nutrient supply. The grey water collected from the process is used for cleaning at the Market and in the long-term we hope to be able to use this to water the gardens in our municipality.

  • South Melbourne Market SoilFood™ is now available to purchase from the Market Office or our Nursery & Florist traders.
  • It costs $7.50 for a 2kg bag.
  • 50 cents from the purchase of every Market Magic 4L bucket will be donated to a local environmental charity.

South Melbourne Market SoilFood

South Melbourne Market SoilFood

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