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It’s Cherry Season

The Australian cherry season is here, and it only lasts for 100 days!

More than 12,000 tonnes of Australia’s premium stoned fruit is picked throughout this period with climatic conditions determining harvest time across the six main cherry growing states.

“With this season’s bumper crop, everyone should be able to purchase good quality cherries for the whole family to enjoy. We’d love to see everyone having fun and enjoying cherries this season”, says Alison Jones, president of the Victorian Cherry Association.

Cherry Facts:

  • The Australian Cherry season lasts 100 days.
  • Australian cherries are produced in 6 states – VIC, TAS, NSW, SA, WA & QLD.
  • There are a total of 6 growing regions in Victoria alone – Yarra Valley & Ranges, Mornington Peninsula, Upper Goulburn Valley, Northeast Victoria, Macedon Ranges and the Victorian High Country.
  • The Victorian Cherry Season extends from November through February with the peak supply in November – Australia produces an average of 12,000 tonnes of cherries annually.
  • Cherry prices vary according to the time of the season, size and quality of fruit.
  • Approximately 80% of Australian cherries are consumed on the domestic market and 20% are exported No matter where you are this summer, let’s make the most of the 100 days that Australian cherries are in season!

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