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Kids’ School Holiday Fun!

School holidays are a bit different from usual, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. There are plenty of things that kids can do at home – and they might even discover a new passion or skill.

Get the kids in the kitchen to learn how how to make some delicious and nutritious recipes for the whole family. This Easter, why not try some fluffy pancakes for breakfast and decorate them with ingredients such as chopped fruit, chocolate sprinkles, desiccated coconut and so on to create various animal faces. The kids will love the creativity and it may even encourage fussy eaters to try fruit that they’re usually not keen on. Click here to view recipe.

Continue the animal theme by planting some seedlings in animal-themed planters (Order seedlings and greenery from PJ’s Plants and check out the range of planters from Rainbow Connection online). Kids also love making animal finger puppets from paper or felt; or if you have a big backyard with neighbours who don’t mind some noise, send them outside for an animal noises competition to let off steam!

fruit muffins

Prepare for high tea at home by getting the kids to bake fruit muffins and make some cucumber sandwiches and other fancy foods. They can then get all dressed up (head to Frankie’s Story or The SuperCool Kid if they’re in need of some cool new threads), set the table with the “good” crockery and enjoy the afternoon in style, perhaps even with some colouring in (we love this tea-themed drawing by Suki McMaster). If you’re joining in, don’t forget you can order delicious loose leaf teas and various accoutrements from TeaDrop.


Take the kids to Tokyo from the comfort of your own lounge room with an afternoon themed around all things Japanese. Hold a (supervised!) soft toy sumo bout, use up scrap paper for a marathon origami session and put chopstick skills to the test at dinner time after frying up some gyoza. Traditionally, Japanese serve each component of a meal in separate bowls; if you need to add to your collection, check out the range at In2Homewares.

sausage rolls and tomato sauce

Finally, nothing beats a family games night. Start off by letting the kids cook the ultimate finger food: sausage rolls with tomato sauce. Then dig out old standbys such as UNO and Monopoly or discover new favourites by ordering from Market traders: email Create TBT at; email Spin at or call 9682 2653; or browse the range at The SuperCool online.

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