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Spin South Melbourne


Micro Scooter Pledge

The beautiful souls Matt & Harriet at Spin are running a Micro Scooter Pledge this festive season.

Every person or family that buys a new Micro scooter from Spin is invited to hand in their old, forgotten or grown out of Micro scooter. Spin will then fix up these old scooters, including replacing parts and giving them some good old TLC and then donate the scooters to local community organisations like toy libraries and family refuge centres.

“The thought came to us because we really wanted to effectively contribute to local community organisations that help so many people out this Christmas. We decided to spend what we would normally spend on decorating our shop for Christmas on fixing up scooters for the little kids around the City of Port Phillip. We hope as many children as possible can have toy library access if not ownership of a Micro scooter. The scooters are such good quality, help with balance and skill, are a great way to exercise and, most importantly, bring a true smile of joy to little kids. And that’s what we’re all about at Spin“, says Harriet.

So, if you’re planning to buy a new Micro scooter, make sure you take your loved one along too and donate it to a great cause.

Spin is a premium dealer of Micro scooters and an Authorised Micro Service Centre.

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