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Empty Bottles


Milk Bottle Recycling

South Melbourne Market and Vanden Recycling have teamed up on an exciting recycling initiative to convert plastic HDPE milk bottles into pipes, pallets and decking boards.

In an effort to recycle and transform plastic bottles, traders at the Market are urged to clean out their milk bottles and dispose of them separately for recycling, as the cleaner the bottles the higher the value of the end commodity.  They are then collected by our waste contractor.

Once sorted, milk bottles are placed in the Mil-Tek 2205 Stainless machine which has a footprint of only 42cm2, making it one of the smallest footprint vertical balers on the market. It is one gutsy little machine, crushing and baling over 50kg of milk bottles in one hit. That’s over 1,000 milk bottles and equivalent to over 40 x 120lt waste bins of plastic bottles!

The bales are then collected by Vanden Recycling whose customers then transform them into commodities such as plastic pallets and decking boards.

Milk bottle recycling provides a sustainable way for the Market to deal with waste from traders while decreasing landfill, and it’s another way the Market is helping to protect our planet.



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