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Food and Drink



Aptus Classic Seafood Bar 

  • Mussels Aptus Style
    • Mussels served with soy sauce, konbu dashi, lemon and spring onions.
  • Half Lobster Mornay
  • “The Grande” Oysters (these are HUGE)
    • Served with garlic butter and lemon
  • Coffin Bay Oysters Kilpatrick
  • Coffin Bay Oysters Mornay
  • Flaming Teriyaki Scallop
    • Half shelled scallops, teriyaki sauce, sesame seeds and spring onions

Aptus Oyster Bar

  • Fresh Oysters – single, half dozen or dozen:
    • Coffin Bay Oysters
    • Smoky Bay Oysters
    • Camden Haven
    • St. Hellens Oysters
    • St. Hellens Oysters XXL
    • “The Grande” Oysters, Batemans Bay
  • QLD Cooked Tiger / King Prawns
  • QLD Bug Tails
  • QLD Spanner Crab
  • QLD Half Lobster


  • Singapore Chilli Mussels
    • Spring Bay Mussels, tossed in our own recipe of tomato, sweet chilli sauce and other secret ingredients.
  • Viet Style Mussels Steamed in Beer
    • A classic Vietnamese beach recipe of fresh Spring Bay Mussels steamed in beer with lemongrass, chilli, kaffir lime, aniseed basil. Garnished with crispy fried shallots.
  • Thai Coconut Curry Mussels
    • Bay Mussels, cooked with coconut cream, fresh lime juice and palm sugar. Garnished with coriander.
  • Mussel Chowder in a Sourdough Roll
    • A rich broth of Spring Bay mussels and their juices, blended with potato, corn and ‘Old Bay’ seasoning.
  • Young Coconut
    • Pure coconut water, as it was intended.

*All dishes are coeliac friendly, peanut and dairy free; with the exception of the Viet Style mussels steamed in beer, which contains gluten.

Fozzy & Co

  • Fritto Mistto
    • Crispy cocktail of seafood (prasy, calamari & white bait) served with house-made lemon mayo.
  • White Wine Mussels
    • Mussels cooked in white wine sauce, topped with fresh tomatoes, basil and parsley. Served with crusty Ciabatta slices.
  • Cheese & Potato Croquette
    • Crispy bites of mashed potato with melted cheese centre.


  • Mediterranean mussel buckets
  • Turkish mussel Rice
  • Turkish bagels
  • Turkish sweets

Lekker Lekker

A huge range of Amsterdam Street Food including:

  • Pommes Frites – hand cut, triple fried chips.
  • Infused Pommes Frits – Canadian with cheese & gravy; Down South with pulled pork in a secret sauce.
  • Croquettes
  • Bitterballen
  • Cheese souffle
  • Jalapeno poppers
  • Mozzarella sticks
  • Olie bollen Dutch style doughnuts

Paco Y Lola:

  • Mexicano Fried Mussels:
    • Fresh black mussels coated in Panko crumbs and their own chipotle salsa or citrus mayo.

Pedocci Mussels

Freshly steamed mussels from Portalington cooked with white wine, fresh lemon and garlic.

  • Chilli, Tomato & Garlic
  • Coconut, Lemongrass Green Curry

All mussels served with crispy bread and sprinkle of parsley.

Proper & Son

  • Hot & Spicy Prawn Cocktail Roll
  • Watermelon & Strawberry Soda

Simply Spanish

  • Mediterranean Mussels:
    • Tomato & white wine with fresh herbs, black olives and a hint of chilli
  • Cream & Fennel:
    • Fresh dill and sliced fennel in a cream sauce
  • Thai Red Curry & Coconut Cream:
    • A Thai hawkers style mussels cooked in a zesty rich coconut cream sauce, and fresh Asian herbs.

South Melbourne Seafoods Calamari Bar

  • Lightly floured fried calamari served in cones with lemon and tartare sauce with a side of fries.

South Melbourne Seafoods Shrimp and Oyster Bar

  • Classic Shrimp Cocktail – cold seafood dish consisting of shelled, cooked prawns in a tangy cocktail sauce.
  • Oysters – Natural and Cooked
  • 1/2 Crayfish – served cold or hot

The Love Mussel

  • Thai Me Up, Thai Me Down:
    • Steamed Portarlington mussels in lemongrass infused coconut cream, fresh ginger, chilli, garlic, zingy kaffir lime and coriander.
  • The Musselini:
    • Pinot noir steamed Portarlington mussels in our slow roast tomato sauce with Istra chorizo, chilli and fresh oregano.
  • Moules Mariniére:
    • The French classic, white wine steamed mussels with garlic, shallot, thick double cream and parsley.

All dishes above served with potato and rosemary sourdough or frites.

  • Mussel Mayagi:
    • Tempura battered mussel skewer with a honey, yuzu and ponzu glaze.

Those Girls Iced Tea

Their ultimate refreshing drinks including:

  • Lime & mint Mojito
  • Strawberry & rosemary
  • Pineapple & sage
  • Hibiscus heart
  • Blueberry & mint
  • Ginger, lemon & honey
  • Mango lemon verbena
  • Traditional lemonade
  • Plum & Thyme
  • Peach & Basil