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Mussel Festival Jazz

Every year, the Mussel Festival features amazing live music performed by talented local jazz musicians. Grab a bowl of hot steaming mussels, take a seat in the sun and soak up the atmosphere as you listen to Melbourne’s hottest jazz at the Market.

The Line-Up

Saturday 10 March

  • Stevenson’s Rockets – 12pm – 2pm
  • Melbourne Singers of Gospel – 2pm – 3pm
  • Paul Williamson Hammond Combo – 3pm – 5pm
  • Horns of Leroy – 5pm – 7pm
  • Elvis – 7pm – 8pm
  • The Shuffle Club – 8pm – 10pm

Sunday 11 March

  • Benny and the Fly-By-Nighters – 12pm – 2pm
  • Michel Benebig  – 2pm – 3pm
  • Margie Lou Dyer – 3pm – 5pm
  • Elvis – 5pm – 6pm
  • The Pearly Shells – 6pm – 8pm

You can read more about the bands in their bios below.

Kids’ Entertainment

Bouncing Beach Patrol
Sat & Sun 2pm-6pm.

This spectacular comical act features a duo of Bouncing Beach Patrol performers who go by the names of Sandy Crack and Terry Toweling.

Bouncing Beach Patrol


Free Face Painting
Sat & Sun 12pm-4pm.

About the Musicians

Margie Lou Dyer

Pianist Margie has been a regular feature on the Melbourne jazz scene with her band bringing back the old style jazz. Her husky voice, keyboard brilliance and selection of songs transports you to New Orleans each and every time. As far as Melbourne jazz goes, you can’t get anyone more talented and passionate than Margie.

Paul Williamson Hammond Combo

Paul’s first offer of touring was with the Rock band the Dugites for a six-week Australian tour. On returning to Melbourne the offer came to audition for Joe Camilleri’s Jo Jo Zep which finally prompted the decision to try it as a professional musician. After this came an offer to tour with Dire Straits.  On returning to Australia he began to play mainly as a jazz musician with artists such as Vince Jones and Jane Clifton. Since then has toured a lot, played at many festivals and lead a number of bands.

The Pearly Shells

Over more than 15 years, The Pearly Shells have gained a reputation as Melbourne’s premier Jazz/Swing/RnB band with a classic style and look reminiscent of the Golden Age of Basie, Goodman, Ellington and Brother Ray Charles. Famous for their swingin’ back beat sound and Hollywood style, luminescent clam-shell stands, The Pearlys have been providing atmospheric sound tracks and irresistible dance grooves in bars, clubs, festivals and dancehalls.
With their enormous repertoire and big band size for this festival, The Pearly Shells will make sure this is one great street party.

Stevenson’s Rockets

The Rockets play a very diverse repertoire of jazz tunes and songs with the highest level of musicianship and feeling and they thrill and endear listeners with a timeless appeal. The group loves the music of the 1920’s and 30’s, in particular the songs written by the great composers Gershwin, Berlin, Carmichael, Porter, Kern, Rogers and Hart but also the hot classic jazz tunes.

Stevenson’s Rockets have been playing every Sunday night for over 17 years now. Their current residency is a the Emerald Hotel in South Melbourne in an intimate, acoustic setting where one can hear this swinging quartet at its best.

About the Musicians

The Shuffle Club

Their style is most easily described as a hot blend of jazz, swing, blues and boogie. But that hardly does justice to The Shuffle Club’s raw energy and enthusiasm – the kind that will bring you to your feet and on to the dance floor before you even quite know what is happening! ​Featuring all four band members singing individually, The Shuffle Club, is made up of hot sax, bass, drums and piano.

Horns of Leroy

Inspired by the flavours of New Orleans to Fitzroy, this punked-out seven piece raucous street band take brass band music to a whole new level. From humble beginnings, the band has evolved from playing the streets of Melbourne to some of the biggest festivals and stages across the country.
Taking sounds from a number of musical influences, their debut record will be a fresh culmination that highlights all there is to dig about this band. Whether you love them for their New Orleans-inspired street parties or their raucous stage shows, Horns of Leroy always deliver.

Melbourne Singers of Gospel

Melbourne Singers of Gospel

Melbourne Singers of Gospel (MSG) performs gospel, soul and songs of purpose across a range of genres with the transformative impact of a massed congregational choir. Directed by Dr Darren Wicks and accompanied by Jazzman, Jex Saarelaht, MSG aspires to high standards of technique, interpretation and movement and to demonstrate the benefits of singing together. This choir community attracts 100 singers from across Metropolitan Melbourne and as far as Dunkeld, Geelong and Rosebud.

Michel Benebig

Michel is recognized as one of the leading ‘Soul-Jazz’ organists around the world and is one of the rare French jazz organists to be listed  in the official ‘Hammond Organ USA company’