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Sustainable September - Organic Waste Recycling


Sustainable September: Organic Waste Recycling

At South Melbourne Market, sustainability is something we are passionate about and we’re striving to reduce our environmental footprint and create a sustainable Market for the next generations. As part of our Sustainable September festival, we’re shining a light on our organic waste recycling programs.

In a major win for the environment, the Market is now recycling its organic waste and turning it into nutrient-rich garden fertilisers.

Every 2 tonnes of waste diverted from landfill has the same greenhouse gas reduction effect as taking a car off the road for a year! That’s why we have taken a significant step to stop organic waste entering landfill through two processes: Large-scale vermicomposting of our green waste, resulting in a specially formulated, organic garden fertiliser called Market Magic; and turning our food waste into garden fertiliser known as SoilFood™, through a fermentation and dehydration process.

Keen gardeners can purchase both fertiliser products from the Market Office or nursery and florist traders. Market Magic retails for $15 for a 4 litre bucket and you can swap your empty bucket for a full one and get $2 off at the Market Office. South Melbourne Market SoilFood™ is $7.50 for a 2kg bag and fifty cents from the purchase of every product, both Market Magic and SoilFood™, will be donated to a local environmental charity.

Both these products are now available to buy from the Market Office or from our Nursery & Florist traders. Read more.

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