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The World is Your Oyster, Artist - Kim Simon, Materials 7000 oyster shells and steel armature


Seeking Artists

South Melbourne Market is wholly owned and operated by the City of Port Phillip, and is committed to the council’s Toward Zero goal.

Toward Zero is the City of Port Phillip’s strategy for responding to climate change. The strategy has been developed in response to community feedback and research that a sustainable environment, city, community and future is important for both the local community and the council. It sets targets for both the community and council against key challenges.

One of these challenges is waste:

  • Council: The City of Port Phillip is committed to minimising council’s waste to achieve and sustain an 80% reduction in council waste to landfill by 2020 (based on 1999 levels of waste).
  • Community: The City is committed to enabling and advocating for a waste wise community to achieve a 75% reduction in community waste to landfill by 2020, in collaboration with regional, state and federal partners.

South Melbourne Market has already implemented many waste reduction initiatives including poly recycling, organic waste processing to reduce the waste volume by 90% and sell the by-product as fertiliser, and also waste streaming so the trader and shopper waste is going through the right processes to minimise contamination.

Sustainable September

During September this year, we will be shining a light on sustainable practices at the Market. We’ll be holding a month-long festival called Sustainable September with a program of kids’ activities, workshops, talks, tours and an exhibition.

Turning Trash to Treasure Exhibition

As part of Sustainable September, the Market will hold an exhibition of art made from products found at the Market that will potentially end up as waste. The aim of the exhibition is put a spotlight on our waste reduction initiatives at the Market, to show how we can find beauty and value in what others discard (to find the treasure in the trash), to promote local artists and the idea of upcycling and refashioning to the Market audience. The idea came from an artist (Kim Simon) in her sculpture below using oyster shells from Aptus Seafood at the Market.

The World is Your Oyster, Artist - Kim Simon, Materials 7000 oyster shells and steel armature

Artist – Kim SIMON
The World Is Your Oyster
Materials: 7000 Oyster shells and steel armature

Details of Exhibition

  • 5-8 artists will be selected to produce their proposed artwork for display at South Melbourne Market in the SO:ME Space from Wednesday 20 September to Sunday 1 October 2017. Number selected is based on size of artwork.
  • All selected artists will receive a $500 Market Voucher.
  • All applicants must be artists or studying art at a tertiary level.
  • If saleable, a price tag can be placed on the art during the exhibition and the buyer can collect the piece at the end of the Exhibition.
  • All selected artists will have their sculptures / art on display for 2 weeks. South Melbourne Market welcomes over 90,000 visitors per week.
  • The artists and exhibition will be heavily promoted through the Market’s network including: Direct mail, market enewsletter, social media, in the Market, and via our Market traders.
  • Artworks will need to incorporate waste materials that can be found at South Melbourne Market. Items do not need to be sourced directly from the Market, but the artist needs to demonstrate where the material is available at the Market.


Artists can use any of the following items:

  • Plastic bags
  • Coffee cups
  • Packaging
  • Clam shell / takeaway items
  • Plastic bottles / bottle caps (soft drinks, milk, orange juice)
  • Cans
  • Clothes
  • Glass: Crushed class / Bottles
  • Icypole sticks
  • Poly boxes / bricks
  • Cardboard boxes (waxed & unwaxed)
  • Cardboard bales
  • Milk crates
  • Bread crates
  • Organic material
  • Pallet material
  • Other potential waste items found at the Market

Timing for Exhibition

  • Tour of the Market to get inspiration will be held on Saturday 22 July at 11am.
  • Submissions have now closed.
  • Submissions must be completed online using the form below.
  • The Market will notify artists of our decision by Friday 4 August.
  • Artwork will need to be finished, delivered to the Market and ready to display on Tuesday 19 September.

Conditions of Exhibition

  • Artwork can be no bigger than 2 metres square.
  • Artwork must not emit odour during the exhibition (if using organic material).
  • Artwork must be brought to the Market on Tuesday 19 September only. It cannot be made at the Market, it can be assembled only.



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