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Sustainable September 2019


Sustainable September

At South Melbourne Market, sustainability is something we are passionate about. We are always striving to reduce our environmental impact and create a sustainable Market for future generations to enjoy.

During September, we’ll be hosting workshops, cooking demonstrations, tours and events for all ages and promoting ideas to inspire our community to shop and live more sustainably. Find a sneak peek at the program below with more to be announced soon!


Leftover Lovers Cooking Show
Join Jessie and Alice as they demonstrate recipes utilising seasonal food and produce, and ‘waste’ collected from the Market whilst teaching principles on reducing waste in the kitchen.

Sustainability Tours
Take a guided tour around South Melbourne Market and find out new ways to shop and live more sustainably. Meet the traders who take sustainability seriously, discover their wares and taste delicious local produce. We’ll also take you behind the scenes to see sustainability in action and innovations like how we’re turning our food waste into garden fertiliser and the modern wonder of worm farms!

Pop Up Bike Repair
Ride your bike to the Market for a FREE bike tune-up from the team at Back2Bikes, pick up a Travelsmart bike map and hear about upcoming bike infrastructure projects and events.

Resident Artist – James Price
During Sustainable September we welcome James Price to the SO:ME Space. James is a local artist who has received a City of Port Phillip Cultural Development Grant to capture the cultural essence of a Market beyond that of being a place to obtain goods and services. He’ll be taking photos at the Market and turning them into art on upcycled materials such as milk cartons and packing boxes. Be sure to stop by and witness art in the making!

Curious about having your own worm farm at home? A well-functioning worm farm can take kilos of food scraps a week and turn it into quality compost! The Market has partnered with Wormlovers and will commence sellling Tiger Worms (the work horses of composting worms!) at the Market office, along with Vermilift Organic Worm Juice and Worm Castings.


  • DIY Organic Skincare Products – learn to make eco-friendly, vegan beauty products
  • DIY Beeswax Wraps – a sustainable alternative to cling wrap
  • PLAYE – learn how to upcycle plastic bag layers into useful everyday products
  • Sustainable Seafood Essentials – learn where to source sustainably caught or farmed seafood, how to select the best of the days catch, the best ways to store it and cook it.
  • Miso Making Class: Learn the art of traditional Japanese fermentation
  • Cooking with Spring Produce: Using fresh, seasonal produce in your cooking is sustainable, and also tastes better!
  • Zero Waste Cooking Classes – Learn how to get more out of your weekly shop with chef, Tamara Graffen, and tackle food wastage by using some of the most wasted foods in Australian households.


More to be announced soon!



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