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The Truffle Shuffle South Melbourne Market 2017 - insta

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The Truffle Shuffle

During July, we’re making it easy to create your own delicious truffle dinner party:

From Saturday 1 July you can:
1. Visit Georgie’s Harvest on the Coventry Street side of the Market and let them know you’re there for the Truffle Shuffle
2. Choose the dishes you want to cook from our recipe cards – a full dinner party or just one truffle dish
3. Do the Truffle Shuffle through the Market to pick up all the ingredients
4. Head home and follow the simple recipes
5. Enjoy a delicious truffle inspired dinner

Alternatively you can download our delicious truffle recipes here

Georgie’s Harvest source their Australian truffles from the following regions:

Forrest Truffles – Otways, Victoria
From Victoria’s oldest trufferie just out of Apollo Bay these truffles have a a deep earth scent with hints of olive.

Tamar Valley Truffles – Tasmania
Travel about 15 minutes out of Launceston and you are deep into the green expanses of the Tamar Valley with around 3000 oak and holly oak trees this trufferie in Trevellyn is one of the largest on the east coast  -the truffles have deep chocolate and coffee aromas.

Manjimup Western Australia
Now producing approximately 8000kg of black truffles per year this region has catapulted Australia into truffle growing prominence now sitting at 4th highest producer in the  world behind France Italy and nipping at the heals of Spain. These truffles have a rich caramel and earth scent

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