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The World is your Oyster, sculpture by Kim Simon.


The World is Your Oyster

Gasworks Arts Park is hosting beautiful organic sculptures as part of a nine day exhibition called From Nature 2016 until Sun 30 October. Visitors can see ‘land art’ installed throughout the park made from natural materials including flowers, straw, sticks, stones and timber. One of the installations is by Kim Simon who has used over 7,000 oyster shells from Aptus Seafood in her sculpture. Titled The World Is Your Oyster Kim has captured our imagination with this 2 metre high sculpture.

Artist Statement

“The world’s mine oyster/Which I with sword will open.” c. 1600 W. Shakespeare, The Merry Wives Of Windsor, Act 2, Scene 2, 2-5.

In order to achieve something in this world, one is wisened to grab opportunities. Whilst Pistol was planning to employ violent means of a sword to get to his righteous fortune (the pearl in the oyster); most of us are encouraging of a more compassionate approach to life and change, that based on awareness, respect and humanity.

The world is our oyster, but it doesn’t belong to us, the oyster belongs to the world.

I’ve had great conversations with oyster lovers and patrons of Aptus Seafood at the South Melbourne Market. Discussions filled with humour, heart, philosophy, life plans, aphrodisiacs and art, have all surrounded these shells in their gathering. If nothing else, I encourage further conversations around this world, about your worlds and about caring for and living with the oysters in our world.

About the Artist

Kim has a background in health and textile design/making. She is increasingly interested in creating installations that are provocative and offer experiences that resonate with the viewer.

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