Field, Barns & Co

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Field, Barns & Co

Trading since 2016

Freshly churned, bespoke flavoured butters

This wholesome Market larder sells everything for the home cook’s pantry. From bags of flour to freshly churned butter, a wide selection of milks, eggs and a range of indigenous Australia spices, Field, Barns & Co is the perfect place to pick up the best and freshest local ingredients for your cooking and baking.

Two exciting offerings include: butter churned on site, offering the freshest cream salted and unsalted butters, as well as favourite classic flavoured butters like herb, garlic and parsley. Bespoke flavoured butters can be made to order too. Plus whole food baking kits minus the usual preservatives and additives will be available for things like cakes and pancakes.

Produce includes:

  • Butter – flavoured, cultured, clarified, regular.
  • Flours – assorted varieties and flour equivalents which may include some grains and seeds.
  • Eggs – all free range or humane choice.
  • Dairy – cow, goat, almond, buttermilk, cream.
  • Sugar – assorted varieties and syrups, molasses, agave syrup.
  • Indigenous Australian spices.
  • Specialty baking and cooking products, condiments, high quality cacao, baking powders & sodas, fondant and maple syrup.

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