Peter McLisky Sculptures

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Peter McLisky Sculptures


Presenting a range of homewares, jewellery and sculpture designed and made in Melbourne. A majority of the pieces are made from recycled steel, and be 100% recycled themselves The sculpture range includes the Rabbits and Trees and the Running Men, also the Bushfire Totem series and the newly completed Cacti series. Sculptures are available in sizes from 200mm up to a maximum of 2.3 metres in a variety of finishes, rust, blackened rust and powdercoat or handpainted colour. The Powdercoat lighting pieces include the ‘Rivet’ series and a newly produced folded series. The Jewellery pieces are dived into 4 sets of neckpieces in steel and rubber, and the double sided bracelets are nichol on one side and powdercoat on the other. There is a range of Book & Magazine racks, Rabbits for the kids, Cooky for Cookbooks, and Bonsai for Gardening books. The two week installation at the South Melbourne Market will also include some children’s garden sets, which include a planter box and various sculptural figures taken from the rabbit range. Not all pieces are for sale directly at the market, especially the larger works, but all pieces can be ordered.

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