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Australian Organics Recycling Award


Winners are Grinners

Last night at the Australian Organics Recycling Association (AORA) we won the 2017 award for:

Outstanding Local Government Initiative in Collection/Processing/Marketing
As a company of good standing, promoting high standards in organic recycling and positive contributions to the organics industry.

This was awarded to the Market for the significant steps we have taken to stop organic waste entering landfill through:

  1. Large-scale vermicomposting of our green waste, resulting in a specially formulated, organic garden fertiliser called Market Magic.
  2. Turning our food waste into garden fertiliser known as SoilFood™, through a fermentation and dehydration process.

South Melbourne Market Soil Food 2kg

South Melbourne Market - Market Magic vermicompost

The benefits of this program include:

  • Reduction of organic waste in landfill saving landfill space for other purposes and eliminating the anaerobic rotting of the waste which generates methane and leachate.
  • Elimination of carbon emissions that result from transporting the waste to landfill.
  • What was previously discarded as waste now has an environmental (soil) value.
  • The economic payback from the process arises from the long-term reduction or elimination of fees for hiring skips or bins and paying landfill tipping fees.
  • Completing the circle on food waste from South Melbourne Market – with nothing to landfill, benefits back to community and the earth.
  • South Melbourne Market and its owner the City of Port Phillip as leaders in waste diversion, sustainability and innovation.
  • Being part of a meaningful change and providing a Market for future generations.

Who are AORA? They work on behalf of their members to raise awareness of the benefits of recycling organic resources. It aims to act as an advocate for the wider organics resource recovery and beneficial reuse industries and to represent their views in a constructive dialogue with policy makers.

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