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Cold Weather Cooking

If you love hearty meals and hunkering down indoors, winter is definitely your season. Here at the Market, there’s plenty of cold weather produce to brighten up even the greyest days.

While Victorians are lucky in that local fish is plentiful all year round, certain types do put on more fat and weight at this time of year. South Melbourne Seafoods recommends flathead, blue eye or rockling, all of which are fleshier during winter and suit pan searing, grilling and oven baking.

South Melbourne Seafood

Citrus fruits such as mandarins and oranges are in season right now and are a no-brainer for keeping Vitamin C levels up. You’ll find them at all the Market’s fruit and veg stalls.

Roast veggies or soups are another easy way to boost your immunity against sniffles and chills. New season cauliflower, broccoli, corn and potatoes are all available at Rod’s Fruit & Vegetables and our other fresh produce stalls so stock up to enjoy a healthy winter.


If you’re particular about your potatoes head to Georgie’s Harvest for some of the harder to find varieties.


Georgie also has fresh truffles during winter, and this year is encouraging shoppers to try them as truffles that are normally destined for the overseas market have remained in Australia due to the logistical issues presented by COVID-19.
“Australia is the third largest supplier in the world so there are plenty of truffles here this year that haven’t gone to their usual overseas markets or to the restaurants who would usually purchase them,” says Georgie. “We need to buy them to support our farmers.”

Fresh truffles Georgies Harvest 2

If cooking isn’t your forte and fresh truffles sound a bit daunting, Georgie will also be stocking truffle honey and truffle salt, which is delicious on mashed potatoes. Or check out her recipe for roast potatoes.

And what goes better with mashed potatoes than a roast? Adam Calvi of Vincent’s Meats recommends a forequarter lamb roast or slow cooked lamb roast, or give roast pork belly a go.
Vincent's Meats

You might like to try an Asian twist on pork belly by serving it with veggies that are are arriving at Fruits on Coventry from Queensland at this time of year. Alan from Fruits on Coventry recommends yam beans, lotus root or cassava, all of which are used in various Asian cuisines and are in season now. Regardless of your tastes, there’s plenty of fresh produce at the Market to make winter a winner! And don’t forget, if you can’t make it to the Market right now, you can use our Order & Collect service for all your fresh produce shopping and more.


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