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We’ve Got Worms!

The Market has added new products to its range, now selling organic worm juice and worm castings for your garden, as well as live worms for your very own worm farm at home!

Since 2017, the Market has been recycling its organic waste and turning it into nutrient-rich garden fertilisers.

Our fruit and vegetable waste is collected twice a week by Wiggly Recyclers and taken to a farm on the outskirts of Melbourne and fed to millions of worms, which turns our green waste into worm castings or vermicompost. This nutrient-rich vermicompost contains minerals and a highly active biological mixture of bacteria and enzymes that are beneficial to plant growth. This specially formulated, organic garden fertiliser is available to purchase at the Market and is available as Market Magic Plus (100% worm castings) or Market Magic (25% worm castings mixed with mushroom compost). Both are sold in tubs which you can return to the Market when empty and swap for a full tub receiving $2 off.

Organic Worm Juice is also available to purchase from the Market Office. Worm Juice is a nutrient and microbe rich liquid produced by worms, which acts as a potent, biologically active soil and plant conditioner which can be poured around your plants or sprayed on the leaves as a foliar feed. It is perfect for vegetables, ornamentals, fruiting trees and indoor plants.

In partnership with Wormlovers, you can also purchase a box of live worms for your own worm farm at home. Boxes contain approximately 1,000 Red Worms (Eisenia Fetida), also known as Tiger Worms, which are dubbed the work horses of composting worms! A well functioning worm farm can take kilos of food scraps a week, and turn it into quality compost for your garden while also reducing your contribution to landfill.

Wormlovers Hungry Bins

The Market has recently installed our own worm farms; three Hungry Bins located in Centre Aisle behind Franks Fruit & Veg. The Hungry Bin is the modern wonder of worm farms, as it allows a continuous flow system as opposed to stacked trays. The unique shape of the bin creates a large surface area, allowing the worms to easily access the food scraps at the top (they’re surface feeders after all), allowing them to process more waste, more quickly. The tapered sides encourages the worms to stay on the surface, while compressing their castings below. Be sure to stop by and check them out on your next visit to the Market!

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