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Located on the corner of the Centre Aisle and Aisle G, Market Lotto and News has joined forces with Party Provedore and is now bursting with all your party needs, greeting cards and Tattslotto. This month, we take five with husband and wife team Chris and Anna to find out more about their history with the Market.

Chris’s time at the Market began during his university and teaching days where he helped his uncle at his fish shop, Aptus Seafood, on a Sunday. When a pop-up stallholder become unwell, Chris put his hand up to help out, and what started as part-time arrangement, soon became a full time position. When a permanent stall opportunity opened up in 1987, he immediately took the opportunity and opened up his own stationary and business.

Anna’s story started when she took up a job making hamburgers at the Market. She would frequently visit Aptus where Chris worked and the two soon struck up a conversation and eventually became an item.

In 2004, Chris & Anna opened a second stall, Market Lotto & News – directly opposite their stationary stall, Party Provedore. Earlier this year, the two stalls combined forces and are now both located at Market Lotto & News on the corner of Centre Aisle and Aisle G.

On Market days, you’ll find Anna drinking her morning coffee from La Lapa and Chris catching up on the morning news.




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