Australia's Biggest Morning Tea 2017 South Melbourne Market (26)
Mayor Bernadene Voss (right), Market Manager Ross Williamson (middle) and Cancer Council 13 11 20 nurse Katherine Lane (left). Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea at South Melbourne Market 2017.

South Melbourne Market Committee

The South Melbourne Market Committee has the responsibility of overseeing the Market on behalf of Council. The Committee meets at the South Melbourne Town Hall and meetings are open to the public. The Committee comprises:

Two independent members: Andrew Brough, Violetta Hartley.

Three Councillors: Cr Bernadene Voss – Current Chair, Cr Ogy Simic, Cr Andrew Bond.

One senior officer of Council: Fiona Blair (General Manager – Infrastructure & Amenity).

The independent members were all appointed following an open advertising and selection process from a large and highly qualified field of candidates. Each independent was required to demonstrate specific skills relevant to oversight of the Market as well as a strong local association and love of markets. You can communicate directly with the Committee here. You can communicate directly with the Committee here.

Formal documents relating to the Committee (agendas and minutes) can be found here.

The South Melbourne Market Charter can be found here.

Annual Report 2016-2017

The Annual Report 2016-17 for the Market has been adopted by Council.

Strategic Plan 2015-20 Summary

The South Melbourne Market Strategic Plan 2015-20 was endorsed by the City of Port Phillip on 9 February 2016.