As we move into the future, we’re striving to further reduce our environmental footprint and create a sustainable and inclusive market experience for years to come. The following initiatives were implemented throughout 2015-16.


Food Rescue

Eat More Fruit South Melbourne Market

SecondBite collected 24,817 kilograms (24 .8 tonnes) of fresh food from South Melbourne Market in 2015-16. This is an increase of 6 tonnes compared to 2014-15 figures where SecondBite collected 18,106 kilograms (18 .1 tonnes). SecondBite now support 758 community meal programs, schools/kindergartens, refuges and food vans providing food relief
for people who are homeless or living in poverty across Victoria. With 650,777 people in Victoria living below the poverty line, almost 300,000 of whom are children, the need for increased access to nutritious fresh food is a priority, to improve the health, wellbeing and social inclusion of people in need.

“Every week during the school terms fresh fruit is provided in all study areas to students to eat thanks to a partnership between SecondBite and Roxburgh Secondary College. Fruit is a great source of important vitamins and minerals, disease-fighting antioxidants and gut-healthy fibre and assists with concentration when learning.” – Jacinta Lenehan, Roxburgh College, Roxburgh Park



The Market continues to lead the way in recycling and education about recycling:South Melbourne Market - Market Magic vermicompost

  • Waste streams over the previous 12 months have averaged 73% landfill diversion.
  • Vermicompost worm farm project – in 2015-16 approximately 156 tonnes of green waste was taken to a worm farm, reducing our green waste onsite by 95%. The worms digest the green waste and produce castings (organic compost) that is returned to the Market and sold to shoppers as Market Magic (pictured) and also to Council’s Public Spaces department to be used on the City of Port Phillip gardens.
  • Further improvements to waste streaming will be delivered with the planned installation in September 2016 of a 1000L Eco Guardians GaiaRecycle Unit which will turn food waste into organic fertiliser, significantly improving our landfill diversion.

Water Management

Potable water usage for 2015-16 was approximately 25,980 kilolitres (2014-15 25,344 kl). The increased usage can be attributed to new stalls such as Agathe Patisserie, Miss Nail Bar, The Australian Natural Soap Company and the new Market Information Office which have all had water usage facilities installed.

Toilets, florists and washdown areas are using recycled water captured from the Market roof, supplied by the 500,000 litre tank in the York Street car park.


Solar Power

South Melbourne Market Rooftop Solar Panels The PV (solar panel) system in 2015-16 generated 49,578KWh, giving the Market a saving through a power reimbursement of $7,840.

Approximately 62 tonnes of CO2 emissions has been avoided over the 2015-16 financial year.

Note: 2014-15 financial year the CO2 emissions were slightly more than 2015-16. This is due to the emission factor change from 1.34 in 2014-15 to 1.26 2015-16.