CCTV Policy

South Melbourne Market's CCTV Policy

The South Melbourne Market has a comprehensive CCTV Policy.

The purpose of this Policy is to assist South Melbourne Market (SMM) to regulate the operation and management of SMM owned CCTV systems which have been (or which in the future may be) installed for use within the SMM precinct.

The Policy enables SMM to fairly, appropriately and reasonably perform its functions and exercise its powers in connection with public place surveillance throughout the SMM precinct.

Amongst other relevant material, the Policy takes account of the Victorian Ombudsman’s Guidelines for developing Closed Circuit Television policies for Victorian Public Sector Bodies, November 2012. SMM notes that it is not bound by these guidelines, but has used them as a reference source in the development of this policy.

Please click here to review a copy of the SMM CCTV Policy.